Day one…

So begins my entry in to the food blogging world. I am not very good at this internet thing (I suppose I will have to join Twitter?) so any (polite!) feedback you have would be much appreciated. I quite often look up recipes on-line and get directed to someone’s blog – I tend to like the recipe but often find the paragraphs and paragraphs of waffle I have to skim through first somewhat irritating, so I will try and be short and to the point!

My January Challenge (apart from getting my head around the ‘tinternet) – to cook all month with only the contents of my store cupboard and freezer and what I can buy with £5 a week. This includes cooking for visitors, so if you know me and live locally please do invite yourself over for supper!

No recipes today I’m afraid – I currently have a baked potato in the oven and I’m sure that you can cope with that (if not, drop me a line!). It’s time for me to go and make an inventory of my cupboards and plan what to spend this weeks £5 on.

ta’ra for now.


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