Happy World Gin Day!

I’ve decided to have a little break from the frugal here at Kitty’s Storecupboard and celebrate all things Gin in honour of World Gin Day. I know that there is now a ‘day’ for everything  (yesterday was Iced Tea Day apparently), but I am particularly fond of Gin and reckon that this one is worth celebrating.

Another reason to mark this day on the blog (other than ‘I like Gin’) is that Gin is a wonderful and varied ingredient. Recently my friend Sarah and I made a rather fabulous Gin and Tonic Tart at her home which is a few miles from the Bombay Sapphire distillery – a perfect excuse for a blog post! Then, not long afterwards, another friend who is a fantastic baker put a picture of a Gin cake on Facebook and I decided that World Gin Day was not enough – the idea of ‘Kitty’s Storecupboard Gin Week‘ was born!

So, what you have to look forward to in the coming week is:

  •  Sarah’s Gin and Tonic tart – Sarah’s day job is making wine (alright for some!) and has a lot to say about flavour;
  • Vicky’s Gin and Dubonnet Sponge Cake – Vicky is an old school friend who is part of the Clandestine Cake Club and is looking forward to starting her own baking blog soon; and
  • (a different) Sarah’s lesson on distilling (and I assume tasting) Gin in Edinburgh
    Sarah has a blog promoting all things women in STEM and will, I’m sure, have something interesting to say about the technical side of distilling, with a bit of Gin tasting and feminism on the side!

So, with all that excitement to look forward to I am going to go and make myself the Allcock family cocktail, ‘Grandad’s Special‘.  I’m not entirely sure that I have permission to share the recipe though – maybe if you’re good I’ll finish off ‘Kitty’s Storecupboard Gin Week‘ with it!

My little Gin collection 🙂

6 thoughts on “Happy World Gin Day!

    1. yes, I think that I might have to make it an annual event! I have also discovered that it is National Picnic Week this week – do you fancy a picnic in Daisy Banks that includes Gin?!

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