I love food. I could spend all day thinking about, talking about and preparing food. Most of all, I love sharing food.

I don’t like to boast (in fact, my cooking is the only thing which I do boast about) but there are many fans of my cooking – nobody who knows me even a little bit would ever turn down a dinner invitation without very good reason!

I started my ‘blogging life’ in January 2016 by giving myself a January challenge; for one month I cooked using only what I already had in my cupboards and freezer, plus what I could buy for £5 a week. This included cooking for guests once or twice a week. Giving myself a rather ridiculous budget was fantastic because it forced me to be creative with the ingredients I had because I couldn’t just ‘pop down to the shops’, plus it significantly reduced the amount of food that I wasted – I highly recommend it!

I have mainly continued to focus on frugal cooking, although I have also had fun with some rather more decadent recipes in celebration of World Gin Day… or as we do it here on Kitty’s Store-Cupboard ‘Gin Week‘.

I hope that you are enjoying following the blog as much as I enjoy writing it. I would really appreciate any feedback that you might have.

Happy cooking!

Kitty. x

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8 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I keep stumbling onto your blog and end up spending at least an hour just reading through some of your posts. I love your idea of a ‘January Challenge’ Sounds like a great way to clear out the cupboards and get a little more creative in the kitchen! Look forward to your next vegan recipe – Lizzie 🙂


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